Monday, March 21, 2011


So I'm changing the rules a bit.
I sketchbook page a day, or, one art-piece a day.
I can't always do both. I mean, I started this project with the intention of trying to sustain my 'artistic voice' while I do my studies. Nowadays it seems more of a hindrance than a creative exercise, especially when I am going on a handful of hours of sleep and projects are due and people want their tattoos drawn and so on and soforth. I feel like I am pussying out a bit, but at this point I really need the rest.

Here is Feb 4th-march 20th. A lot of these are tiny post-it sized paintings/drawings for a post-it themed show in Barcelona. I shall scan more shit tomorrow.

I need cuddles, food, sleep, sunshine. And am not getting enough of any of these things :( END OF SEMESTER. COMING VERY SOON.

Okay I'll start with the really good stuff.
THIS GUY is made out of sculpey and I must say I'm quite proud of him. Me. For making him. His full glory is best experienced in the IRL but pixels will have to do for now.

I am also taking a photography course. These are some experiments...

Self portrait with halved pomegranates

Commence le post-tits.

Beautiful girl on the bus with a beautiful profile.


As the spirit wanes the form appears.

I hope you like school notes and really crappy drawings because that is what you will be getting for a while. srry.

Nomi out.


  1. come back to halifax this summer and we'll give you lots of cuddles & food! and maybe some knits, too. i can't promise sunshine, though. i wish i could...

  2. Love the random BLT post-it and the sculpey rabbit. I'd say you're valiantly doing your own thing despite all the burdens of post-secondary education and all the goodies it brings. I can't remember the last time I made art for me. So keep it up.!

  3. I really like the 5/8 back of the head with Brenda Crabtree notes on it (I like Brenda. She's pretty cool) and the stressed out guy with the beard leaning forward at me. Thanks for linking in from Facebook Nomi - great to see your work.

  4. All gorgeous works! :) I especially love the post-it art!

  5. Hey, I think it counts if you are creative daily. And share it at some point. ;)

    Mmm art.

    Very delicious works, ALL OF THEM!
    The post it note thing sounds pretty fun

  6. you some smart cookie
    oboe starting to work for me - 3 blind mice coming up soon
    will nag rural relatives again for animal remains, but so far no bones coming
    ask around if anyone wants a snakle - onerous responsibilities of pet ownership crushing me, but of course must check with mom forst
    art is as art does - the muddier the message
    signing off all best and love to ya
    barfy chowbowl

  7. OMG i love you
    thats just all the stuff i've been always trying to draw
    its EPIC

  8. Loving the snakes... and well, everything else here too! FANTASTIC!!