Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time floats by at the bottom of the river

Oooo my. hi hi hi.
School's out! Which means my schedule is free of homework!!!! .... And full of tattoo/art gallery stuff. No rest for the wick, I say.

There is a tonne of stuff I am still needing to scan (And I am getting my own scanner this weekend. Stoked? Stoked.) But for now, please accept my meager offer to the lords of updates.

So here's March 20th - April 3rd.
I'm the worst blogger ever. Sorry :)

I posted a really crappypic of this lady a long time ago. Here's a better vers.

My illustration final. I think I coulda done better... and 'pushed it' a little further but fuck man was I ever exhausted.

Conclusion: antlers are hot on chicks only.

I also did these a while ago and failed to upload.

Film photos.

Fuckin w my boyfiend's camera...



  1. Awesome work. The second illo looks amazing. I love the mood and feel of that piece

  2. I came to your site through this:

    All I can say is, WOW, Amazing work! I was wondering, which year in art school are you in? and how has it been?

  3. I thought I recognized your piece in the foundation show! way to go dude, you kicked first year in the teeth : )