Monday, March 21, 2011


So I'm changing the rules a bit.
I sketchbook page a day, or, one art-piece a day.
I can't always do both. I mean, I started this project with the intention of trying to sustain my 'artistic voice' while I do my studies. Nowadays it seems more of a hindrance than a creative exercise, especially when I am going on a handful of hours of sleep and projects are due and people want their tattoos drawn and so on and soforth. I feel like I am pussying out a bit, but at this point I really need the rest.

Here is Feb 4th-march 20th. A lot of these are tiny post-it sized paintings/drawings for a post-it themed show in Barcelona. I shall scan more shit tomorrow.

I need cuddles, food, sleep, sunshine. And am not getting enough of any of these things :( END OF SEMESTER. COMING VERY SOON.

Okay I'll start with the really good stuff.
THIS GUY is made out of sculpey and I must say I'm quite proud of him. Me. For making him. His full glory is best experienced in the IRL but pixels will have to do for now.

I am also taking a photography course. These are some experiments...

Self portrait with halved pomegranates

Commence le post-tits.

Beautiful girl on the bus with a beautiful profile.


As the spirit wanes the form appears.

I hope you like school notes and really crappy drawings because that is what you will be getting for a while. srry.

Nomi out.