Friday, January 28, 2011


No skbook this week. Didn't want to stay after school ... AGAIN... to scan 30+ pages when I could be on my way home to nap. It has been a strange as fuck week.

... but here is my first illustration assignment, which I actually kinda like.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

well this is awkward.

Hey goyz.

Sorry about the, you know, neglect and all that.
I was pretty ontopofthings during my xmas break, then proceeded to get very very sick - The Spirit of Hanukkah gifted me with strep throat and I was feverish and unable to think straight for a week. And then school started. So, I am a bit behind on things...

Here are some doo-dads that, I hope, will tie you over somewhat.
I want to make a legit effort to keep my blog quenched with weekly updates, but my classes this semester are kind of difficult for me. I'm taking film and photography courses, so I can't just coast along on "good drawing" skills oh noooeess. It's a good kind of difficult though - I'm in love with photography and can't wait to make ridiculous BLACK AND WHITE art fag films exploring TEXTURES and shit, non-linear narratives, absurdist blah blah blah it's going to be good.

So here's a tattoo I finished.

This one's a work in progress, but it's looking great and I'm quite proud of it :) and proud of the client for sitting thru it so well. Owch.

A tattoo design I've been working on for a while. Going to start soon. Excite! Also, contrary to popular opinion I really enjoy doing colour tatts, meng.

Here's a collab I've started with my TARENTED co-worker Shwa. Definitely got a bit of a Trevor Brown vibe going on. Hope Shwa doesn't fuck it up ... jk. ilu shwa.

Here's a Ouija board I made last semester. I found the wood in the garbage, and painted it the night before it was due. I abandoned it somewhere in my neighborhood once I was done my critique. Here's hoping it went to a loving home.

I'm madly in love with art school, but it's killing me.

Finished my first painting(s) of 2011 recently!
Pics to come sometime eventually vague future like timeframe.
There are a LOT of amazing art events I am involved with this year.
My school is chock full of talent and drive.
And a lot of amazing people want me (?!) to make pictures in their skin...
I am humbled.

Also FUCK, PEOPLE! Follow my twitter thing and maybe one day I'll tweet something other than the current food I'm eating.

I also have a tumblr, full of delicious internets.

Sketchbook update hopefully this week.