Saturday, February 19, 2011

is this desire enough enough

First batch skbook update. Dec 17th thru to feb 4th.

Fell a bit behind due to midterms and getting sick.
I still have sommore skbook pages to show ewe but I'm so tired I had trouble keeping my eyes open while I was scanning.

So what's new. I am on "spring break" which means I've been prescribed an obscene amount of homework since I obvs have nothing better to do otherthan write exhibition reviews about modernist African artifacty photo-graphy mumbo jumbo. I bought a buncha film which I hopefully dont fukkup.

I'm making an honest effort to expand my repertoire re:subject matter, technique and general approach to everything but it's difficult when there's barely enough time to stretch my artistic legs via sketchbooking. I therefore have no time atall to put newly acquired skillz into practice, which is frusterating as fuck but oh well. I could blame school but I know better :)

But I'm getting a bit fatigued with drawing bunnyrabbits skulls and deers, and I'm bored to shit with squid and most cephalopods.

I'm totes obsessed with snails these days idk why.

Got nothing more to say.



I actually really like this one.

Seriously hooked on snails.

Monkey god goes to CHinatown.


Trip bunny and some strep throat medication. Also feat. Poib who does music and also this stuff.


thank you.


  1. Your work is so beautiful and creepy. There are very few artists I would want to completely swap styles with... actually I think you might be the only one!

  2. I absolutely adore the barnacle and mussel face.

  3. i love all of them. and i want all of them

  4. gah!! i love these. your work excites me. :)

  5. I'm digging the shellfish/barnacles and floating-castle-rock-smoky doodle. I hope you understand my gibberish, but what I mean to say is I can still tell it's you, but your desire to expand your repertoire is clearly manifesting itself in some kickass work.

  6. i have observed your artistic development ever since i became aware of you as an artist. i fell an almost paternal pride in your amazing talent, as i am acquainted with your mother, who, whether you know it or not, and despite some difficulties with your subject matter, is your biggest fan. we viewed your minor exhibit at ECU the weekend past and were delighted with the works on view, somewhat less visceral than other works that have incurred a touch of revulsion in the past. this period of your life must be a combination of excitement and frustration; absorbing new ideas and techniques, but without the time to develop them to your satisfaction. we know, however, that this experience will stand you in good stead and that when you emerge from this educational cocoon, you will be finally able to spread your butterfly wings and TEAR THEM OFF in the most exquisite way. by the way, i can almost make music on that oboe, but no public performances at this time. all the best from one of your older fans.

  7. love this entry, so many good works. keep it up <3

  8. Pure bliss. This is SO amazing and epiphanical, that I'm just afraid of ruining it with words. Just gotta say, your work inspires a very specific part of my mind, where I develop my own fragmental ideas, and feeling that what you do actually boosts my will of developing more and more my crazy stuff, is fabulous!!!
    All the best from a new fan.