Thursday, December 16, 2010

come child from the deep inferno.

Nov 16th-Dec 16th.
Some of these are a bit rushed and crappy because I was doing finals... BUT!
Winter break is here. Time to make things. Oh, and sleep? Ha ha ha.

the universe spontaneously creates itself from nothing.

the insides are fruits are always so suggestive. oval open cavities. juicy. hm.

moody pear is moody.

o rlly.

root vegs = win.

NEW SKBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the last pages of my sketchbooks usually look like this.
"top secret download" ooh...

I now have some cameras in my possession.
My studio classes next semester are in the dark (light?!) practice of photography and film.
Itchin to start some new projects.
Feeling restless again.