Friday, June 11, 2010

got to keep tha devil way down inna hole.

New blog smell, more like neglected blog smell.
What's the haps? A lot is the haps.

I am currently in Halifax. I've been gone for a month and this is my last week on the road, and I've been tattooing the whole time. Earlier this summer I was guesting at Madame Lazaonga's Tattoo shop (Seattle is strange). In Toronto I was at The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop, and I'm now chillin with the rad folks at Utility!

I am going to art school starting September and I'm so many layers of stoked, and maybe a dollop terrified. To be honest it's going to be refreshing to not do tattoos so often (I'll still be tattooing through my BFA ordeal). I feel like I've made a niche for myself with my tattoo work, and the niche supports me financially but it's also kind of holding me back. It's like, for example, I do a nice squid tattoo and then everyone wants squid tattoos. And I love drawing squid just as much as the next person but seriously, come on, let's try something new k? I'm just completely terrified of the possibility of doing the same shit for x number of years and getting stagnant. I could get up my own ass and misanthropic and go on about the lack of creativity of the general public, quote unquote, but really it's my fault for taking on too many of the same projects and not pushing my own vision etc etc etc.

I get a lot of people asking me why I'm going [to art school], since when push comes to shove I have it pretty good with my tattoo gig. Honestly I don't know the answer. I love art, that's all I can really say.

tumor rabbit likes it when you click his thumbnail... if you know what I mean ;)

Life is good. Surreal times for sure. I've got some neat things on the go, some plans I really aught to stick to, and there's also this rad artist fella keeping me company.

also, check out this wick video by some talented and good lookin fellas.