Friday, January 10, 2014

Sketchbook update I - I don't have a life/drawing

Hey guys. 
Cue my semi-annual blog update. 

Long story short: these are some of my sketchbook pages accumulated over the past year.
I lived in Britain (Falmouth) for about 5 months, traveled alone to Den Haag, Berlin, Edinburgh. I spent a lot of time in London. I collected a ton of tattoos. Came back to Vancouver and traveled again to Toronto, Halifax, and back to London. Experienced my first Burning Man! I had some serious ups and downs, but overall I wouldn't trade this past year for anything.

I am going to separate this into two posts because it's kind of ridiculous and image heavy. I kept several sketchbooks while I was in Britain/elsewhere... these particular images would be from my life drawing books. They're a bit dryer than my moleskine entries but they mean a lot to me: I have a lot of fond memories in these pages. Enjoy. 

I think you need to either click the thumbnails to enlarge, or drag them into the address bar... sorry.

This was done at some bar in Falmouth. 

I did a LOT of these at expressini in Falmouth, which is a lovely little coffee shop. They make a dope flat white. 

Cedric drawing.

Proy ... with a giant forehead.

Some stuff from Edinburgh

Kinda jumping around here: these kids I spotted during some long rides on the Tube.

Edinburgh again. 

One of Edinburgh's museums. I saw a Rodin sculpture! It was pretty sexy.

 Scottish portrait museum bust and my buddy pal KAT who let me crash with her in Scotland.

Scottish portrait museum.

London Tube-goers.

Back in Falmouth. Bought a brush pen.

On the train between shitty little towns in Cornwall.

I spent a LOT of time on that train.

Train train bo bain.

Coffee shop patrons.

I went to the beach and made some bad drawings. Atlantic water is crazy cold.

Beach bums... and fannys.


This is one of my favourite pages. I drew these on my birthday, wherein I treated myself to overpriced fancy British tea and lots of British carbs. 

And then I went home. the end!