Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some tattoos.

Some tattoos I've been working on/done over the summer.
Been busy.


  1. Oh my freaking god! When I'm passing through Vancouver next May/June can I get some ink from you? I'll be on a trip around America/Canada for 2 months and it would be totally sweet to get a tat from someone as awesomely talented as you.

  2. Hello, i've found your work through the painting of the Octopus wearing a suit that you did, it lead me to your old blog and i've followed your trail here, i'm not surprised to find that the rest of your work is just as phenomenal, very thought provoking and inspiring,
    Thankyou very much,

    I look forward to more!

  3. Amazing as always. If I ever work up the courage to get a tattoo, the first person I'll go to is you. <3

  4. holy shittt,
    thank god for you as a female artist of tremendous amounts of skill.
    your work is frickin amazing and your vision is endless.
    do you have any shows coming up? also, i'd love to get a tattoo done by you soon~!

    much much love fr a fellow vancouverite.


  5. Superb! That was sure tough but worth it. Cool designs. :D buy aion accounts

  6. Such a beautiful style of tattooing, these are a real treat for the eyes. Thank you :)