Thursday, July 14, 2011


If you haven't noticed already, I've had to bail on my "1 art a day" project for this blog. The pressure of not only making something, but also documenting and uploading it on a daily basis is just too much considering my current workload.

But good news. I am going to be in a big show come November. Gonna do lots of big fat rad paintings. More info to be leaked closer to the showdate.

Last page of my School year moleskine :) Monkey business.

... And I bought a watercolor moleskine. But I don't like the paper very much. I wish it was some nice smooth hotpress paper. Oh well.

weak sketches from amsterdam

I'm no rembrandt.


I painted this after not having panted the human face/figure in far too long ... obvs.

Some aliens, girl on the plane.

Broken moleskine cherry


  1. those long ones are awesome :D :D

  2. broken moleskine cherry sounds weirdly dirty. you're neat. and you make beautiful things.

  3. Nice! I really love sneaking a peek into sketchbooks. Yours is so vibrant. :)

  4. OH hurrah! New sketches, very tasty. All of them were excellent, but the appetizer was especially good, and quite a wonderful start.
    I know what you mean about paper.
    My fave sketchbooks are (also nice smooth possibly hot press) 'Seawhite of Brighton' square books. Alas, they are only produced in England - and distributed in Europe - thankfully, I had a friend visit Paris and he found some! Brought back 3 jumbo books to the USA, should last a few years. :) How thick are the pages of your moleskins, and how large generally? I need to find a small moleskin with paper that doesn't practically melt when one uses water media. ¬¬

    Thank you again for sharing!

  5. So Great! 'Specially love the tricycle dude!