Thursday, December 16, 2010

come child from the deep inferno.

Nov 16th-Dec 16th.
Some of these are a bit rushed and crappy because I was doing finals... BUT!
Winter break is here. Time to make things. Oh, and sleep? Ha ha ha.

the universe spontaneously creates itself from nothing.

the insides are fruits are always so suggestive. oval open cavities. juicy. hm.

moody pear is moody.

o rlly.

root vegs = win.

NEW SKBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the last pages of my sketchbooks usually look like this.
"top secret download" ooh...

I now have some cameras in my possession.
My studio classes next semester are in the dark (light?!) practice of photography and film.
Itchin to start some new projects.
Feeling restless again.


  1. Great Sketches and amazing style!

    Btw where did you get that size sketchbook? Always wanted one but never knew what they were called and where to buy 'em =O

  2. Aaah slices of animals!I love how organic your illustrations are!
    I'm happy for you that you're done with finals. I long to be at that point.

  3. these are all so good, but that boating bison one is SO dope.

  4. How do you come up with such original ideas?? These are crazy!! I love your brain.

  5. These are all super awesome though the owl in the bath has got to be my fave. Looking at your art always inspires me, its so original and wonderfully weird.

  6. buffalo boat dude is pretty awesome.

  7. Joy! Thank you for posting these wonderful morsels of fun and creativity!!

  8. Hi!

    Just want to let you know I find your art very inspiring, interesting and beautiful. Just the kind of stuff I enjoy looking at, especially when I feel I've run out of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your art! c: