Monday, November 22, 2010

the pipe is leaking.

Holy BALLS. Almost all caught up, just need to double up on pages for the next couple of weeks.
Here is Oct 16th through to Nov 16th and some other ephemera.

Some of my sketchbookpages I had to photograph with my trusty iphone because the scanner at work butchered them so hard.

Like all good things, you much click them and they will get bigger.

Uhn yeah. Squishy things.

Don Hertzfeldt fans will get a kick out of this.

Agnes Varda, lecture notes and my bag drawn with the shittiest pen in the world.

This chick was the fanciest girl on the bus. It was 7:30am, freezing, and she was wearing pink crocs with dalmatian fur trim.

Lecture notes are a common theme I like to explore. Obvs.

Pretty sick drawing of my foot and a fish taking a big shit.

This is one of my favourites. I seriously need to paint sausages more often.

I like tubular things and things with holes in them that squirt stuff. idk. you know? idk.

Preliminary sketches for a painting project which is elsewhere in this post!

Self portrait Marionette for class! My feet are really truly this ugly btw.

Hipster scarf fashioned from real life hipster scarf.

The resemblance is uncanny!

Can ne'er have enough.

Still from a stop-motion animation I am working on.

"The Smallest Things Leave the Strangest Ghosts"
For show at a fancy gallery.
Acrylic on some kind of surface. Shitty iphone photo, so solly.

I painted this a long-ass time ago.

Delicious rooibos zombie. For art show. I did a few more but honestly I'm not that happy with them.

O WORD? Painted tabletop for THE CAMBIE in Vancouver! Yo check this rad shit out in person, if you're geographically capable that is. My super handsome talented boyfriend assisted w this proj. It is a work o love.

Cityscape. Vangroovy. Tall foamy beverage. Rabbits. Mhm.

Jesus christ fuck I'm fucking tired and these internets are lovely dank and deep but I have arthistory to read and miles to go before i sleep and.



  1. Soooo inspiring!! Gotta do more sketching now.
    I recognized you the moment I saw the marionette, good shtuff!

  2. oh yes. i like this very much. very much indeed

  3. i heart your brain and it's pretty pictures

  4. Hey Nomi. I found this link through your Facebook page. . . Left me breathless. I am envious of all your ideas - here in the span of one month you have thought of and created more than I might have ever (and with much more skilled execution). Standing ovation!

  5. holy shit Nomi,

    been keeping busy much?
    Love that marionette and bird for the animation so much.

  6. I feel so much love. This post made me want to draw again.

  7. Love this post. Are you enjoying art school like you hoped you would/getting what you hoped you would out of it?