Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sup dollface.

 Hey folks.
So I find blog writing tedious and time-consuming, esp. given the alternatives (twitter, instagram, etc...) are much more instantaneous and image-friendly. The latter social networking outlets cater to me and likeminded attention spans...

But I do enjoy the occasional juicy bloggy, all crammed with images and awkward text. So, without further ado. Here is a thing I made:

"Where bunnies come from"
Nomi Chi 2012.
Ceramic, acrylic, casting resin, sculpey.

Click for bigger.

A while ago, I was contacted by Stuntkid to participate in a group show at the Virginia MoCa. It was pretty open-ended, the only stipulation was that we must somehow factor a campbell's soup can into our works - a nod to the influence of Andy Warhol ;)

The show is on now, and will be for a while. You can see (and PURCHASE!) all the artists' work HERE.

The process was kind of ridiculous and I lost a lot of hair over this project. I'm super proud of her, though.   Process shots and rambling after the cut!
P.S. these images will be old news for those who follow me on instagram.

First, here are some detail shots of her bunni bbe.

At the time, I was taking a ceramics course at school. I decided to slip-cast my soup can and use it as a 'body' for a kind of impregnated anatomical doll. 

I started by hand-building her head out of clay. I forgot what kind of clay this was, but it was low-fire and a bit groggy. Cone 04, I think. This piece would be fired separately from her body and would be later applied with an adhesive.


I then slipcasted her body. Her can-torso and arms/legs were casted separately and I stuck them together. Arms and legs are casted from doll parts I bought at a thrift store. I thought about hand-building them but seriously, fuck that. 

As the semester drew to a close, I was getting right sick of glazes. I decided to paint her face with acrylics rather than underglaze...

Bunny fetus is fashioned out of super sculpey.

... And painted.

The designs on the front of her are both painted with underglaze and applied with a decal printer. Filling her up with resin and popping her rabbit baby in her rabbit tummy was a bit of an experimental process. I'd never used resin before and didn't know what I was getting into. It stank. Horribly. Braincell genocide. I don't really reccommend it, although the results were pretty nifty.

And that's that...

Also, big BIG props to Stuntkid for gluing/sculpting her back together since she broke in the mail. 


  1. Wow this fella is freaking awesome! I love how you came up with a nifty idea to use a soup can to base his body on. Marvelous!
    I just stumbled upon here and I think I know you from a few years ago on I loved your crazy work back then and, wow your work has grown! Still crazy as hell, fantastic! :)
    In case you're wondering, my name was Rudeone over there (well still is, just not active anymore)