Friday, November 25, 2011


The Forest Charlatan Tells us a Story
Gouache, watercolour on paper

Soft Endoplasmic Reticulum Oil on Canvas

Apocalyptic Visions as Experienced Through the Nervous System of a Jellyfish
oil on canvas

Hey folks! Here's some new pieces I contributed to Kristian Adam's show. (he's a cool feller - check out his stuff here

I feel like this blog has seen its share of empty promises, but I *am* trying to stay on top of things. At the moment, I spend so much time producing (though not always being productive) I barely have time to document my work, and rarely have the time to share said documentation.

I am getting quite burnt out at this point, I'm not sure how exactly I survived this month. Participated in 4 art shows, did well on midterms, didn't get fired from my job due to neglecting my tattoo clients. A well deserved pat on the back from me to me. I keep saying that I need to take a break from shows and over-booking artistic obligations but it doesn't seem to work that way.

Ah well. Back to the drawing board.

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